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DaDon's Member Testimonial...

"Dear DaDon,"

"And all I can say is THANK YOU, DaDon. Thank you very much."

" I am still in partial disbelief that I will be receiving not one, but BOTH long sought after letterbox editions of these cherished movies in pristine factory sealed condition.

My fingers were actually trembling as I was rushing to process the last order for Top Gun. When it came up "Wish List" only, I just knew that I would never see that title again. And then to receive your swift response alerting me that you had located one and seemed to be holding it for me in some kind of private link - Awesome! And then to see your friendly post order and shipping confirmation messages later that day was like a voice from Heaven above."

" And happy to be in DaFamily! "

"All the best,"

DaDon's Member Testimonial...

"First off we just wanted to say thanks! We just received our order of The Killer/James and the Giant peach a couple days ago. We were very surprised to see that you upgraded our order. The conditions of both items were better than we ever could have expected. This was our first order through your website. In the past we have ordered some items from you through ebay. We are now your loyal customers! We see you have another sale right now. Looks like we'll be doing some more shopping tonight."

"Thank you. received in excellent condition, first rate packaging. everyone else in the industry should take lessons from DaDons!"

" DaDon is the go-to source for the highest quality laser discs and his ingenious, damage proof shipping. "

" I loved that I could view my account history and each purchase for printing hard copy.
Often, I can't do that with amazon's system... "

DaDon's Member Testimonial...

" If ever you need anyone to expound the merits of your superb packaging, then I'm the one. I received the Wings of Honneamise laserdisc last week but to my horror, the front face of the package had been pierced, leaving a point of contact which had 2.5"/4.00" radial tear lines emanating from it. My first thought was, it's a good job this disc has the best packaging in the business and I might be ok? After opening the external packaging, I was amazed to see that even the internal box had been pierced as well and thought that the force required to do this must have cracked the LD inside. I opened up the internal packaging to reveal the LD in it's coat of bubble paper and unsealed the disc to confirm the crack. To my amazement, the discs cover and the disc itself was perfect. There is no doubt about it - if it had been contained in anybody else's packaging, it would have definitely cracked, if not by piercing, then by the shear deflection forces alone. All I can say is Rubbish to the postal services and Five Stars to DaDon!!! "



Client Testimonial...

" From an international Australian customer, who has been buying NTSC laserdisc's from numerous suppliers for the past 16 years. I just received my Psycho, Logan's Run and Othello laserdisc package from DaDon today. The packaging was just simply AMAZING!! I have never had such amazing care in the packing of my discs. As well as excellent personalized customer service, which is what I really appreciate!! Thank you to you and your staff. I am going to watch them tonight. "


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