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Q: Do you ship to any "Unknown" Country?
A: Yes, we ship most anywhere that USPS ships with some International exclusions. So far we have shipped to 71 different countries and counting...

Q: Do you offer shipping discounts for more than one LaserDisc purchase?
A: Yes! See Details below for your Country:
USA - FREE Media Mail ! for each additional LaserDisc Feature
Canada - it is only $3.95 per additional LaserDisc Feature
International - it is only 6.95 per additional LaserDisc Feature

As a further incentive and to make simplify shipping calculations for you we charge the same price whether you purchase a LaserDisc feature with one or two LaserDiscs. LaserDisc Features with three LaserDiscs or more are charged at the boxset rate.

Q: Why is shipping so expensive to my Country?
A: All of our quoted shipping prices are below our cost. For example: for the USA we offer Free Media-Mail shipping for unlimited purchases per shipment including double-features and boxsets. Our typical cost breakdown fir one LaserDisc is as follows:

1. USPS Shipping $3.13
2. Inner box 82 cents
3. Outer box 82 cents
4. Bubble wrap 84 cents
5. Tape and Labels 21 cents
Total excluding Labor 5.82

Further, all of the shipping companies continue to raise their rates. The best way to reduce your shipping costs is to purchase multiple LaserDiscs per purchase thereby spreading the cost of shipping for each LaserDisc. In summary, we believe that our shipping systems and prices are among the best in the industry.

Q: Can you Guarantee Safe Delivery to my Country?
A1: We can guarentee that you will either get your LaserDisc or your money back including shipping. This is because we include full insurance coverage, provide DaDon's "Bullet-Proof" Double-Boxing System, and delivery confirmation for every shipment.

Q: What is Your Shipping Track Record?
A: Glad you asked that! We have had three lost shipments in 7 years and we shipped a replacement LaserDisc in better condition than purchased plus we refunded the shipping cost !

LaserDisc Pricing

Q: I notice that your LaserDiscs seem a bit expensive.
A: We stock the best versions for the rarest LaserDiscs in the World and they can be expensive due to their rarity. For example: There are over 15 different versions for the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" ranging in price from $5 to $50. DaDon's only offers the four best versions and describes the differences in each listing. Terminator 2 has over 25 different versions with only four worth owning and Independence Day has nine different versions with only three worth owning. As a side benefit the rarest LaserDiscs have been rapidly appreciating in value. That being said you will find that DaDon's offers very competitive prices ranging from as low as $9.95 and up



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