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Confessions of a Rare LaserDisc Lover...

Many years ago, I wanted to add the Movie "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" to my movie library. After an extended search I could not find it on DVD. However, I did find it on LaserDisc from the Criterion Collection. Next, I needed a player, so I bought Pioneer's CLD-97 and CLD-99 LaserDisc Players. Hence, the journey began...

LaserDisc Players

At first I was happy with the CLD-99 and my LaserDisc collection grew, starting with all of the DTS sound encoded LaserDiscs. While I was thrilled with the sound from the LaserDiscs, I was not happy with the video - at all! After further research, I discovered Pioneer's HLD-X0 reference player. It is a Japan Only LaserDisc player that weighs about 80 pounds! The first time I played a movie with it, I fell in love with the sound and the video! In fact, within a few months I found a second player and I bought that also. Then I had both of my HLD-X0's rebuilt and aligned. While it did take some work and time, in the end I much preferred the sound and video of LaserDiscs compared to my reference DVD player.

Movie Library of LaserDiscs

At first I set my goal to have 5,000 LaserDiscs, then 10,000 LaserDiscs, then 20,000 LaserDiscs, now with over 41,000 LaserDiscs, Only the Future will tell...

LaserDisc Providers

One of the things that really bothered me when purchasing LaserDiscs was that I had to buy from so many different providers. Another was that many of my rare LaserDiscs ended up a victim of the Postal system! I do not appreciate unauthorized modifications to the corners of my jackets, etc, etc. Not to mention optimistic grading - you know, telling you it is in Mint like new condition and it arrives looking like it has just come out of the washing machine.

DaDon's Emerges...

So I am talking with "Da Boys" on my patio one night, and they are all teasing me about wasting so much money on LaserDiscs. Of course, I explained that they were a good investment and that many of the rare LaserDiscs were appreciating in value at over 10 percent a year. So I told them to prove my point, I would start a LaserDisc Store on eBay! Then I told them I would name it "DaDon's", as this was a nickname that my friends had called me. By this point, we were all laughing to tears and making Godfather jokes. So the next day my friend designed our company logo and we opened an eBay store. We took some LaserDisc pictures and placed humorous captions below each photograph. From the beginning, I decided that DaDon's would be the Best LaserDisc Provider in the World while maintaining a sense of humor!

Raising the Bar...

Rare LaserDisc Provider Check List

  • Specialize in the Rarest and Most Collectible LaserDiscs
  • Offer only Mint to Near-Mint LaserDiscs
  • Develop DaDon's "Bullet-Proof" Double-Boxing System
  • Develop Hi-res Photography System so Fine Print Can Be Read
  • Maintain over 40,000 LaserDiscs in Inventory
  • Provide Honest Description of LaserDisc and Jacket Condition
  • Publish Detailed Feature Description including Catalog Number
  • New! USA FREE Shipping!



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