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LaserDisc Packaging the Right Way…

LaserDisc Packaging the Right Way…

June 15, 2012

by DaDon

Packaging Brainstorm AC-3 LaserDisc

Mega-Rare Brainstorm AC-3 Dolby Digital LaserDisc

How to Properly Package a LaserDisc

One of the most frustrating experiences for a LaserDisc Collector is the arrival of a damaged LaserDisc / cover. You see, we have already researched the title, the release and the listing. Then we purchase and pay. Then we wait a month or so only to find that due to improper packaging our cherished LaserDisc / cover has been damaged. Now after all of this, we must contact the seller, perhaps take a picture and negotiate a settlement. As for me, I have found that the time required and the arguing are not worth it. So, I simply no longer deal with the LaserDisc Provider. So as a Provider you must ask yourself how many customers have you lost as a result of improper packaging?

(Minimal) Using a single cardboard box and bubble-wrap is the minimum. Here are the steps:

1. For a Used LaserDisc Always remove the LaserDisc from the jacket and put on the outside of the jacket
2. Use two 3/16th 12″x24″ bubble-wrap and wrap the disc and jacket so that all sides are covered by bubble-wrap
3. Use a Cardboard Record Mailer and tape all corners
4. Another nice trick is to cover the outer corners of the box with cardboard.

Do Not…
1. Use a bubble mailer
2. A Priority Mail box (not large enough)
3. Bubble-wrap and paper sack
4. Pizza Box

Hope this is of help for the casual LaserDisc Provider. As for DaDon’s, we have developed our own boxing system that includes 2 boxes, double-bubble-wrap and many refinements. We call this our “bullet-proof” double-boxing system and we even developed a “nuke-proof” double-boxing system for the most expensive purchases.



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