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July 4, 2010

by DaDon

DaDons LaserDisc Database and Blog Data Center

DaDons Data Center Seattle Washington

Introducing LaserDisc Database, Store and Blog…

DaDon’s is a Rare LaserDisc Website with over 50,000 LaserDiscs in its Database and over 5,000 Discs in its Store. Designed for the Collector, the site also includes a Blog for LaserDisc Optimization, Reviews and Commentary. Further, you can switch from Database mode to Store mode with a single mouse click. After 6 months of intensive design work, DaDon’s emerges among the fastest sites on the Internet. While serving over 50,000 items with copious use of photographs and graphics, DaDon’s site tests for speed at the top 99 percentile of all sites on the Internet. Further, most pages are validated HTML and CSS, something ignored by many sites in spite of benefits such as greater browser compatibility, speed and security.
UPDATE: As of the 7th of September 2014 DaDon’s is all HTTPS – so all of your information is SSL encrypted.

Website Technical Architecture
We own and operate our Web Server from one of Seattle’s best premier Data Centers namely tierpoint. tierpoint’s data center is a secure 24/7 hosting location. tierpoint includes multiple backups for Power, Cooling and Internet Connectivity. tierpoint is why we can offer over 99.99% uptime. From a technical perspective, DaDon’s utilizes a dedicated Web Server with a highly optimized, Linux operating system, Apache server and MySQL database. The Web Server system consists of a Dedicated Server with 1 Gigabit of bandwidth for dynamic content and a Worldwide network for DNS (Domain Name Servers) and CDN (Content Delivery Network) for static content. These servers are monitored 24/7 and DaDon’s is able to change providers in a matter of minutes in case any Server fails, raising uptime to over 99.99 percent. In addition, DaDon’s utilizes multiple CDN’s in the event of failure. The combination of the above and other techniques has reduced the web page load time by a factor of 30 to 1. Further, due to the Worldwide server locations the page load times are consistently fast throughout the World. Typical load times vary from as little as four-tenths of a second to about 1.5 seconds with a high-speed connection.

Depth of Content
A key strength of DaDon’s website is its focus on LaserDiscs only. For LaserDisc Movies, DaDon’s includes both technical details and movie release details. For example, most movies include the catalog number, sound and video details plus the Cast, Crew and Storyline. In addition, the new Blog should deliver even more information on the optimization of home theaters, with a special focus on LaserDisc viewing.

Exclusive Membership
Due to the exhaustive information and supply of LaserDiscs, DaDon’s members include some of the largest collectors in the world. There you will find Directors, Actors, many successful people and LaserDisc enthusiasts. As a member of DaDon’s, there are a number of benefits such as:

1. Permanent Movie Cart
2. Permanent Wishlist
3. Best Offer
4. Priority Service
5. Free USA Shipping
6. Discounted International Shipping
7. Extended Warranty

For now, Membership is available free. However, membership availability is limited. For the month of July 2010, membership is limited to the first 100 applicants. If you are one of these applicants, you will receive a special bonus of $5 in your Movie Cart to spend as you wish (one per household). In addition, members enjoy exclusive sales and information. For example, there is a holiday sale of 33 percent off for all members during the July 4th weekend.

Coming Attraction – LaserDisc Reviews, Articles and Blog
Initially DaDon’s has posted 7 Articles with many more to come. There will be more detailed information on ┬áthe Care of LaserDisc Collections, Home Theater Tips and Tricks, Articles and Commentary.

Founded by an Avid LaserDisc Movie Collector
DaDon is one of the Largest LaserDisc Collectors in the World. Having personally viewed tens of thousands of Movies, DaDon’s was founded by a collector first and foremost with an eye to improving the LaserDisc community. In this, DaDon’s has had many firsts such as extended warranties, double-boxed shipments, insurance and high-performance LaserDisc Website and Blog. Several years ago it was hard to find a provider who even listed the catalog number ! Now it is hard to find one that does not. As a leader in the industry, DaDon’s will continue to improve on the standards and ethics of the LaserDisc community as a whole. It is hoped that by raising the standards of the Industry it will help fuel a revival of the Industry much as happened for vinyl records years ago. In fact, there is some rather striking similarities between the LP Record and the LaserDisc in that they both incorporate analog technology. While the Record had its replacement in the form of a digital 5-inch Disk the LaserDisc was also replaced by a 5-inch Disk.

The Future of the LaserDisc Industry
While production for LaserDiscs and Players has been halted, Collectors continue to upgrade their equipment and add to their collections. The rarest LaserDiscs continue to appreciate in value with the rarest fetching as much as $1500. Therefore, as collectors continue to hoard, while Players and Media become scarcer due to attrition, there will be a turning point where LaserDiscs and their Players become even more collectible. So in the long term, the future of LaserDisc Collecting looks bright !

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John July 4, 2010 at 10:15 am

Don, way to go. We’ve been buying LD’s we found interesting for years now, just to watch ourselves. It would be great to see them worth more some day. It’s great to see what you are doing on your site and blog. Loved your 99 cent LD blowout sales of the past.


DON FUSON JR November 6, 2015 at 10:56 pm

I think you may sell more laserdiscs if you would put on the description of the disc the audio sound.I won’t buy a laserdisc if it’s not in color and or stereo.I never understood why most sellers of laserdiscs don’t do that because I know there has to be others like me that are particular about the audio of the disc or for that matter dvd’s.Just a sugestion.I LOVE YOUR STORE THANKS.


DaDon December 10, 2015 at 7:11 am

Thank you for your interest and comment. I agree 100% and that is why we recently added a technical tab that exposes more of our database details to collectors. As far as sound goes, again, I agree and we do plan on adding more sound details. This does require a rather extensive update to our database so it may a bit into the future. Thanks again for your support and comments !


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