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A Christmas Story 30th Anniversary – Classic Comedy on LaserDisc

A Christmas Story 30th Anniversary – Classic Comedy on LaserDisc

October 27, 2013

by DaDon

A Christmas Story LaserDisc

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story movie was released in 1983 a full 30 years ago. Since its uneventful release it has become a Christmas Comedy classic. Many watch it every year. It was based on the short stories of Jean Shepard and others. Directed by the infamous Bob Clark known for the best and worst of movies such as: Black Christmas, Porky’s and Baby Geniuses. This movie seems to appeal to all age groups and will evoke laughter and tears in most of us.

A Christmas Story was released in 1985 on LaserDisc and was full screen. The next release in 1993 was done right in Letterbox and included the Original Theatrical Trailer. For more details see:
A Christmas Story Widescreen LaserDisc

One of my favorite quotes is when the mother says to the son “You will poke your eye out” referring to his getting a BB gun for Christmas. Or how about the kid who gets his tongue frozen on a flag pole ?

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